Robotic Surgery


According to a statement by Prof. Grigor Gortchev, MD, DSc, Rector of Medical University – Pleven, the city of Pleven is expected to develop into a well-known and established European reference centre for training in gynecological robotic surgery.

Training is to be conducted at TELEC – the Telecommunication Endoscopic Training Centre situated on the campus of MU-Pleven. Currently robotic surgery is performed at only 7-8 locations within Europe.

The idea to transform Pleven into a training centre for gynecological robotic surgery has its roots in Prof. Grigor Gortchev’s visit to the USA after accepting the formal invitation of his American colleague – Assoc. Prof. John Boggess, MD, a distinguished gynecologist and oncologist.

Assoc. Prof. Boggess, MD was the first to apply this method and establish it as worldwide practice at the University Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Since 2006, he has performed more than 300 gynecological robotic surgeries.

A second da Vinci Surgical System will be provided for the Telecommunication Center in Pleven for the purpose of facilitating the educational and training process.

At the time of writing, Prof. Grigor Gortchev and his team of specialists have already performed 45 robotic surgeries. The da Vinci S System is equipped with four mechanical arms and a system for three-dimensional image rendering of the internal organs. The surgical interventions are completely bloodless, allowing for a speedy recovery and a return to normal quality of life within a week post-op.