Specialty: Assistant Pharmacist

General Information

Assistant Pharmacist

Assistant Pharmacist Field of Study was established with a decision of the AC in 2009.

It was accredited by the NEAA with an evaluation score of 8.00 and validity of accreditation five years - until 2020.

The curriculum includes general medical, social and targeted subjects. Computer science and sports are also included. Practical training is held in commercially-accessible as well as hospital pharmacies, drugstores, stores specializing in medical devices and goods, pharmaceutical companies and warehouses, specializing in wholesale of medicines.  

The professional competency of the assistant pharmacist is formed by studying different academic disciplines included in the curriculum of the speciality, giving knowledge of general educational, biomedical, chemical, social and special pharmaceutical disciplines.

The future specialists acquire special pharmaceutical knowledge of: theoretical fundamentals and technological approaches in preparing drug dosage forms; analysis of medicinal products; avoiding incompatibilities in preparing drug dosage forms; storage and dispensing medicines, medical devices and food supplements; physical, chemical, biological and microbiological analysis of food supplements and medicinal products; medicinal plants and their medical application; marketing, management and logistics; pharmaceutical care etc.

Future Assistant pharmacists acquire knowledge and skills which enable them to conduct professional, highly-qualified activities, which in turn meet the requirements of modern pharmaceutical science and practice in public and hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, control-and-analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, scientific research laboratories, etc. In accordance with the Law on the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine (LMPHM) they are entitled to open and manage: a pharmacy in settlements where no pharmacy and/or drugstore have been opened.

Assistant pharmacists can continue their education in undergraduate and graduate programs in Health Care Management.