How to Apply

What forms the applicants must provide?

An official note from Students` office certifying the average grade


Motivation letter        

Application form (Sample)

Selection Criteria:

Good academic record

Excellent language skills


The approved candidates will be informed via email; and will receive a Nomination Letter issued by the Erasmus+ office. When a student has been nominated to take part in an Erasmus exchange, they will be contacted regarding the administrative and funding arrangements.

As an Erasmus student for study you are not required to pay any university fees (for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities etc.) to the partner university you are attending. However, you must pay your semestrial fee here.


The students are expected to prepare the following documents, which are published on the website of the host university.

Application form


Housing / Accommodation form - It may be not available in case the host university does not offer assistance or support for accommodation.


Learning Agreement – for studies or traineeships. Studies includes subjects that the student will study at the host university for 30 credits/1 semester, possibly coinciding with the subjects of the student's curriculum at the Medical University - Pleven in the period of his absence or from the following years of study. Traineeships will include activities that will take place during the practice itself.


Other – Other documents are less often required by some universities. Their content is coordinated with a representative of the Erasmus+ office at Medical University - Pleven.


Learning Agreement” form setting out the program of studies/practice to be followed, approved by the sending and the receiving institution;

Grant Agreement” form covering the mobility period and signed between the student and the official representative of MU- Pleven;

Confirmation / Bank Account Note in Euro

European Health Insurance Card

Other documents required by the host university.



Within ten days after return, every student must submit:

Accurately filled out and signed sections of the Learning Agreement form: Before, During and After the Mobility;

An official document confirming the mobility duration duly signed and stamped by the receiving institution;

Copies of boarding passes, tickets and other applicable documents proving the actual stay of the student (start and end date of the mobility);

In addition, the student must submit the online EU survey – no later than 30 days after the end of the mobility. A link to the survey is sent to the student’s email address.