International and Project Activity

International and project activity is an independent structural unit at Medical university - Pleven.

The main objective of the unit  is to organize European and international projects and programs in the areas of science, education, cultural exchange, social development and collaboration. The Unit aims to:

Promote European Union initiatives targeted at equal opportunity European citizenship by fostering partnerships between MU-Pleven and foreign and local educational and cultural institutions, NGOs, public and private organizations;

Organizes and administers student, staff and administrative mobility under the Erasmus + program;

Explore the potential for and facilitate the execution of bilateral and multilateral agreements for international academic, scientific and cultural exchange.

Prepares, administers and supports the implementation of projects to which the University is a party. Explores opportunities for development and participation in educational, scientific and cultural projects of the EU, maintains contact with national information centers and organizes the information of the academic community of MU-Pleven about these opportunities.