Admission Procedure for Specialization Courses

Foreign citizens can apply for a training course leading to the acquisition of specialty competence in the healthcare system in Bulgaria if their higher medical education and professional qualification in Medicine are recognized; and any other previously acquired specialty.
The foreign applicants should submit the following documents:

An application form indicating the specialty which they deserve to acquire;

A short CV of the applicant;

Copy of the Diploma of completed higher education;

A certificate stating a five-year period of professional practice up to the present moment;

A medical certificate issued not later than a month prior to the application date;

A certificate proving a proficiency of Bulgarian language and professional terminology in Bulgarian in the cases described under Art. 14, Paragraph 3 of the Law of Health;

A certificate of recognized higher education;

A certificate of recognized professional; qualification;

All the applicant’s documents should be legalized, translated and attested in the appropriate way by the competent authorities.
Those foreign citizens who have a long-term permit to stay in Bulgaria, the refugees and the foreigners of Bulgarian origin have the right to do a specialization course under the terms and conditions which are applicable for Bulgarian citizens.
The applicants who are accepted in pursuance of intergovernmental agreements and interdepartmental programmes of educational, cultural and scientific exchange are admitted under the terms and conditions which have been appointed in the respective agreements and programmes after recognition of the applicants’ higher education, of their professional qualification, and of their specialty if they have acquired such