Regulations and procedure for admission of foreign citizens as PhD students

Art.21 (1) The foreign citizens are admitted for a PhD training course without taking any admission exams in the following cases:

  1. In execution of interstate programs for educational, scientific and cultural exchange;
  2. Under the terms of normative acts of the Ministry Council;
  3. At their own expenses (as self-paid PhD students).

(2) The Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria takes a decision about the enrollment of the applicants in the above-mentioned cases in Paragraph1, sections 1 and 2 in accordance with the University governing body’s opinion whether an appropriate scientific adviser can be provided.

Art.22 The applicants for PhD studies according to Art.21, paragraph 1, section 3, should submit an Application form to the Rector including brief personal data and naming the scientific field in which they would like to elaborate their thesis. The following documents should be enclosed to the application form:

  1. A medical certificate issued not later than a month prior to the application date, translated and legalized under the terms of the current international agreements.
  2. A diploma of completed higher education, legalized, translated and attested under the terms of the current international agreements.


Art.23 The above-mentioned documents are examined at a meeting of the respective Department Council, after which the head of department writes a report with a well-grounded suggestion on the bases of which the Faculty Council takes a decision, and then the Rector issues an official order for enrollment in a self-paid PhD studies.


Art.24 The admitted self-paid PhD students, who are foreign citizens, should pay an annual tuition fee appointed with Resolution of the Ministry Council.


Art.25 The admission of PhD students, who are citizens of member-states of the European Union, is performed under the terms of Art.68, paragraph 6 of the Law for Higher Education specified for Bulgarian citizens.


Art.26 (1) The course of training for the foreign PhD students is conducted in accordance with that provided for Bulgarian citizens in the respective form and scientific specialty of PhD instruction.


(2) A course for teaching Bulgarian language to PhD students, who are foreign citizens, can be conducted at MU-Pleven if is necessary.


Art.27 (1) The defense of the theses is performed in public and in the official language of the Republic of Bulgaria – namely Bulgarian language.


(2) Foreign citizens, who are enrolled for PhD studies and have elaborated their thesis, can defend it on condition that:

1. They present an official translation of their elaboration;

2. An interpreter from the respective foreign into Bulgarian language is provided for the time of public defense;

3. The reviewers of the thesis should be fluent in the foreign language in which the elaboration is written;

4. It should be proclaimed in the announcement for the public defense that it will be delivered in Bulgarian language.