General Information

The admission and training of the PhD students at MU-Pleven is fulfilled in compliance with the Law for Higher Education, the Law for Academic Degrees and Ranks, the Regulations for Application from the Law for Academic Degrees and Ranks and the Ordinance for the State Requirements for Admission and Training of PhD Students under the guidance of the Vice-Rector of Science and Research of MU-Pleven.

The course of instruction of PhD students at Medical University-Pleven is organized and coordinated by the Vice-Rector of Science and Research and is performed at the respective departments and clinical centers of the University Hospital which have signed contracts with MU-Pleven. The original documents from the whole course of PhD studies at kept at the Office for work with PhD students at the Center of Scientific and Research Activity, where a personal file of every enrolled PhD student is opened. In these files all the materials and documents concerning the admission, the current status, the individual scientific plan and its annual discussions, the exams taken, the work of the PhD student and the preparation of his thesis are stored. Annually free courses are organized at the University, full-time form of training, with the purpose to initiate the PhD students into the basic methodological approaches in the research activity and to improve their language proficiency.

MU-Pleven provides the necessary equipment for the PhD students and resources for elaborating their theses.

The full-time PhD students have the right to be enrolled in a paid course of specialization in the field in which they are doing their PhD studies without sitting for any exams for specialization admission.