General Information

Medical Cosmetics

Medical cosmetics occupy a growing share in the fields of Dermatology and skin care. This implies a new perspective on the education of people providing beauty services alone or in teams with other health professionals.

Medical Cosmetics field of study was established in 2016 with a decision of the Academic Council of Medical University - Pleven and, in the course of the same year, received a positive assessment from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA).

To ensure quality, multi-profile training, the curriculum includes courses in Dermatology; cosmetics and esthetic care; medical cosmetics and beauty care; well-being, beauty and machine-assisted massage; manual practice of Western and Eastern beautifying systems, wellness and spa treatment cosmetics; resort studies and balneology in cosmetics, machines and lasers in dermatology and medical cosmetics, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, distribution of cosmetic products, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, Latin, hygiene and occupational safety, medical and professional ethics, labor and corporate law, business communication and teamwork, health legislation, etc.

Practical training has a relative share of 50% of the total workload and is held at the University Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment; medical cosmetics studies, medical and cosmetic centers, cosmetic studios. Visits to SPAs and SPA resorts are included in the course of training.

University education gives a new perspective to the profession and is a guarantee of quality and competitiveness for a professional on the labor market. Medical training and the extensive practical training in a real working environment provide greater level of service and are a guarantee of a successful career in the many areas of medical and cosmetic practice - a beauty parlor, salon or beauty center, dermatological and physical-therapy centers, clinics plastic (aesthetic/cosmetic) surgery balneo-therapy, wellness, spa and thalasso-therapy centers, home-based beauty services and more. The Medical Cosmetics specialist who has received an academic degree can work in marketing or sales in drugstores and cosmetic shops; as a distributor of cosmetics, professor of practical training in vocational schools and regional chambers of artisans.

Graduates can continue their education in undergraduate and graduate programs - Health Care Management and the Master's programs offered by the National Sports Academy.