• General Overview:

The Students’ Office at the Faculty of Medicine is an administrative unit which works autonomously on specific matters concerning the training process under the direct guidance of the Dean and the Vice-Dean of the Faculty. In order to optimize the operative work and results of the Students’ Office, the Experts are divided into those in charge of Bulgarian language education and those responsible for English language education. Their work is organized and coordinated by the Head of Students’ Office.
The offices of the Head of Students’ Office and the Experts are to be found in the Rectorate Building 1, 2nd Floor, room numbers 208 and 209 respectively.

  • Main Activities:

In order to fulfill the educational objectives of the University and the Faculty, the Students’ Office at the Faculty of Medicine focuses on the following:

  • The complete and thorough organization of the educational process.
  • The creation, maintenace and safe-keeping of the educational documents.
  • The providing of administrative services to the students from the Faculty of Medicine.