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The Department of Surgical Propedeutics (Propedeutics of Surgical Diseases) was founded in 1987, following a decision of the Academical Counsil at Medical University-Pleven, effectively spliting the Department of Surgery into further subdivisions.

Members of the facultiy body of the Department of Surgical Propedeutics include: Prof. Dr. Dimitar Staykov, DM; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sergey Iliev, PhD as well as six Assistant Professors. All of them are certified surgeons while Dr.Plamen Vidolov is also a certified thoracic surgeon.

 Faculty Members:

  1. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Staykov,  D. M. SC.
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sergey Iliev. Ph. D.
  3. Assistant Dr. Ivaylo Presolski
  4. Assistant Dr. Ventsislav Grozev
  5. Assistant Dr. Pavlin Mirochnik
  6. Assistant Dr. Plamen Vidolov
  7. Asssitant Dr. Ivanche Ristovski
  8. Assistant Dr. Kiril Nedyalkov
  9. Dr. Paulina Vladova – Ph. D. student in Surgery at the Department of Surgical Propedeutics

Lectures and teaching are targeted at IV and V year students. Trainee doctors after their Vth year of education can enter into an intership program to further refine their theoretical and practical skills. The aim of the department is to educate students about the fundamentals of surgery, to allow them to learn and perform diagnostical procedures, to raise their awareness about clinical decision making and the principles of surgical treatment. Third year students gain the minimum sufficient level of surgical experience at surgical beds in real clinical situations. Sixth-year intership students participate fully in scheduled and non-scheduled activities at the surgical department, including practice sessions in the operating theatres. At the Department, parallel tuition is performed in both Bulgarian and English as well as problem based learning courses.

Research focuses on trauma, gastro-intestinal hemorrhages, peritonitis, acute pancreatitis, hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery, abdominal wall hernias and oncologic surgery. Selected studies were published in Zentralbalatt fur Chirurgie, International Surgery, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, British Journal of Surgery, The Lancet and European Journal of Surgery.