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Department of “Medical Physics and Biophysics”, currently  transformed in a Division, was  established  in  1974  along  with  the  Medical  Faculty in  Pleven.  The  academic  staff includes Prof. Margarita Alexandrova, DSc, Prof. Konstantin Balashev, DSc, DSc, Prof. Dr Kosto Valov Mitov, PhD, DSc, assistant professor Iliana Damyanova, assistant Filip Marinov and lecturer Viktoria Varbanova.

The research activity of the Division of Medical Physics and Biophysics is in the field of free-radical biology and medicine. There are more than 500 scientific articles and reports published so far, many of which in distinguished international journals with a high impact factor.  Since  the  establishment  of  the  Division,  seven  doctoral  dissertations  have  been defended.


Selected publications


  1. Bochev P, Tzvetkov N. Free-radical injuries. Prospects of their antioxidant prevention and therapy, Amadeus, Sofia, 2000 - the first Bulgarian scientific monograph on oxidative stress.
  2. Alexandrova M. Role of oxidative stress in aging. In: Pathophysiological changes in aging, Edited by D. Strashimirov, Monograph, Publishing Center, Medical University - Pleven, 2008; 43-74.
  3. Alexandrova M, Bochev P. Oxidative stress during the chronic phase after stroke, Free Radical Biology And Medicine, 2005; 39(3): 297-316 – a review article, ranked ninth among the Top 25 2005 Hottest Articles.
  4. Alexandrova M, Bochev P. Oxidative Stress in Stroke. Chapter 15, 2007; 15:307-362. In: Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disorders. Edited by G. Ali Qureshi and S. Hassan Parvez, ELSEVIER B.V., HOLLAND, 2007.
  1. Alexandrova M.  What  happens  with  ageing:  decline  or  remodeling  of  opsonin- independent phagocyte oxidative activity? LUMINESCENCE, 2009; 24(5): 340-347.
  2. Bochev P. Antioxidants and oxidative stress. Monograph, Publishing Center, Medical University - Pleven, 2013.

       7. Alexandrova M, Danovska M. Serum C-reactive protein and lipid hydroperoxides in predicting short-term clinical outcome after spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 2011; 18: 247-251.

  1. Alexandrova M, Danovska M. Cognitive impairment one year after ischemic stroke: predictors  and  dynamics  of  significant  determinants.  TURKISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, 2016; 46: 1366-1373.


Teaching disciplines:


Medical Physics /Medicine/



Physics and Biophysics /Pharmacy/

Medical equipment in nursing practice

Medical equipment in obstetric-gynecological practice


General Physics - preparatory course

Medical Physics /Medical cosmetics/

Mathematics for specialty "Pharmacy"


Textbooks and handbooks published by the academic staff:


Teachers from the Division are authors and co-authors of a number of handbooks:


  1. Alexandrova M,  Magrisso    Biophysics  Laboratory  Manual,  Publishing  Center, Medical University-Pleven, 2011, ISBN 978-954-756-102-1.


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