Training facilities

The classes are conducted on the premises of the faculty which disposes with 20 training halls, 10 laboratories, 4 laboratories for training and clinical practice, 2 computer halls and full access to the university computer network. For the purposes of the training in the specialty of Medical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy 6 laboratories have been equipped – 3 in Occupational Therapy, 1 in Kinesitherapy and 2 in healing massage. If it is necessary the whole auditorium base of the University can be used. For the purposes of the clinical practical training and the fulfillment of undergraduate practice the following clinical bases are used: the University Multi-specialty Hospital for Intensive Treatment “Dr. Georgi Stranski’ – Pleven, Diagnostic and Consultative Center ІІ and ІІІ children’s institutions on the territory of Pleven.