Administrative services:

The experts at the Student's Office at the Faculty of Public Health offer administrative guidance to the students from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at the Faculty of Public Health: Health Care Management, Medical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy and Health Management, performing the following activities:

  • Organization and realization of the enrollment of the newly-admitted students;
  • Enlisting students into a higher year of their studies;
  • Preparation of students’ books and university ID cards and submitting them for signature by the Dean;
  • Preparation of the examination of protocols according to the exam schedules of the students’ groups and courses;
  • Issuing of certificates, academic transcripts and any other documents reflecting the student’s status, submitting them for signature by the Dean, Vice-Dean or Rector;
  • Preparing a report each month to be presented at the Educational Department of the University with the names of all students who are subject to health insurance by the higher educational institution and a report with all the students who have interrupted their studies, those who have left the University or the newly-enrolled ones;
  • Accepting all kinds of request forms or complaints, preparing the reference and processing them in order to be submitted to the Dean or Vice-Dean of the Faculty or the Rector for consideration and resolution;
  • Writing the diplomas of the graduated students and the appendixes to them.