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Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Ergotherapy and Sport was founded in 2006 as a successor to the activities of other departments at MU - Pleven.

The academic staff of the Department provides the training in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of students of Medicine, Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy as well as nurses and midwives. They are also responsible for the teaching and training of the students of the MR et ET (Bachelor program) in the following subjects: Functional assessment of MSc, MSEET in neurological diseases and disorders, Kinesitherapy, Massage, Ergotherapy.

The department is also responsible for postgraduate education in the field of Rehabilitation. Eight physicians were assigned for specialization in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of MU - Pleven and the FMM Clinic of the University. Annual courses on CDD are organized, such as: Neurorehabilitation, Ergotherapy, Functional Assessment in Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy, International Classification of Functioning, Pain and Physical Analgesia, Physical Factors for Body Forming and Cosmetics; Wellness, SPA & Medical SPA, etc.

Since its inception, the Department has been active in both scientific and applied research. The staff at DPMRES are authors and co-authors of more than 200 scientific publications in the field of Medical rehabilitation and Ergotherapy as well as textbooks and teaching guides on Physical Therapy, Kinesitherapy, Massage, Ergotherapy and Functional Assessment. They have also been active participants in three major scientific projects of MU - Pleven.

A Doctorate of Medical Sciences as well as three PhD thesis papers in Physics, resort and rehabilitation have been defended by members of DPMRES at the Faculty of Medicine of the University Hospital - Pleven and the FMM Clinic.

The department maintains systematic contact with various scientific institutions in the country and abroad. In order to promote the ideas of Rehabilitation, scientific forums are also organized. During the past few years, the Department has served as the main organizer of three scientific conferences at MU - Pleven (2007-2008), co-organizer of the National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine held in Sofia in 2009, main organizer of the First National Congress of Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy (Borovets, 2010) and the First National Congress on Neurorehabilitation (Veliko Tarnovo, 2011).