Textbooks and Study Materials, Written and Used by the Academic Staff at the Department:

  • Fundamentals of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Second edited and revised edition
  • Fundamentals of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (including Ergotrapy and Medical SPA), 2011
  • Algorithms for Physical Prevention, Therapy and Rehabilitation of Some Common and Socially Significant Diseases (2nd revised and revised edition), 2007
  • Contemporary Neurorehabilitation Methods (II-rd Addition and Revised Edition)
  • Principles of Modern Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, 2007
  • Repetitorium physiotherapeutic (basic principles of modern physical and rehabilitation medicine), 2006
  • Physiotherapy for soft tissue injuries in the area of the knee complex
  • Fundamentals of musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Kinesitherapy and Ergotherapy after upper limb trauma