Equipment and Material Base of the Department:

The department is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Rectorate 1 building, Medical University - Pleven. There is also where large part of the basic courses for specialty "Medical rehabilitation and ergotherapy" are held.

The Department works in close collaboration with the Clinic of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at University Hospital - Pleven, where the main part of the practical clinical training of the students of Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy is held. The department has a well-developed material base for practical training (basic courses), including two fully-equipped rooms with medical couches and rehabilitation devices as well as high-tech room for functional diagnostics of the cardio - respiratory system. Practical training for handling the equipment and machines (the base for any Ergotherapeutic activity) is provided in a fully-equipped advanced-tech office that meets any requirement for these kinds of activities.

The department has 3 lecture halls, equipped with modern multimedia projectors and whiteboards for interactive training of students in the subject of Medical rehabilitation and Ergotherapy.

For the sake of maximum visualization, the department has a number of anatomical models, through which the students have the opportunity to get a detailed insight into the study material.

For the purpose of carring out the basic practical courses taught by the academic staff at the department, all the necessary tools and equipment are provided, including a modern combination apparatus for physical therapy.