Radiology division

Sector "Radiology" is a divisional of the department educational-methodical structure. Its main functions are realized based on Department of Imaging Diagnostic, which in turn is an administrative and territorial structure of the University Hospital "Dr. George Stransky".

The department includes:

  • Unit ultrasound
  • Unit conventional methods of X-ray
  • Unit CT
  • Unit on angiography

The distribution of the premises and workplaces (sites) in The Department of Imaging Diagnostic are as follows:

  • Cabinet for radiography № 1
  • Cabinet for osteodensitometriya № 2
  • Cabinet for x-ray as each of them there are:
  • Command rooms two- changin rooms (respectively for men and women)
  • Cabinet for ultrasound diagnostics
  • Photo-laboratory
  • Preparatory (barium kitchen)
  • Registry
  • Waiting Room
  • Doctor's office
  • premises for the rest of the staff
  • Service premises

 At the Department of Imaging Diagnostic is installed and operate multi-detector CT. The model is BRICHT SPEED 4 manufacturing company - General Electrice Healthcare USA, year of manufacture 2007. It carried out surveys and provide images with high quality and wide range of research in various clinical applications. Cerebral angiography is equally effective for aneurysms in the carotid and vertebral system.

 Unit Angiography is equipped with angiographic system SIEMENS Polytron MULTISTAR PLUS. Umax 125 kV, Amax 800 mA.

 All rooms meet the size and requirements of the Rules № 0-33. The locks on the doors to the rooms are procedural balls from the corridor  and closing restricting access to persons not directly involved in the ongoing investigation. Procedure rooms are clearly marked and provided with light signaling the presence of ionizing radiation sources.

Academic activities in Radiology, specialty "Medicine" is held Course III / V, VI semester / in Bulgarian and English. The curriculum goes through several stages of expansion and improvement. The Department has three classrooms equipped with multimedia equipment.

 In this section is held and postgraduate training in n the specialty "Imaging Diagnostic " as well as training doctors from other clinical specialties offered by each year themed courses and individual training.

The members of the Academic staff of the Department actively participate in congresses and conferences in the specialty in Bulgaria and abroad. They have a large number of publications in Bulgarian and foreign editions. Authors and co-authors are two textbooks and two monographs.