Dean's office

Type of Educational Institution

The Faculty of Public health is a basic unit within the structure of Medical University – Pleven.


The mission of the Faculty of Public Health at MU-Pleven is to participate in the process of improving and maintaining the general health condition of the population through the following activities:

  • Integrated multi-discipline training and preparation of students for the role of leading professionals in the field of public health, health management, health promotion; prevention, control and rehabilitation of diseases;
  • Profound scientific survey of contemporary problems of public health, of health care and management; and applying the findings in order to establish effective public health policy and to improve the practical activities in the area of  health care;
  • Providing consultations and expert services in the area of public health and health care for the local, regional and national health and public institutions and organizations.

Educational goals

The Faculty of Public Health conducts training in conformity with the Law for Higher Education, the Ordinance of the State Requirements for the Acquisition of Higher Education (Resolution of the Ministry Council 162/23.07.2002) and the Classifier of the fields of higher education and the professional directions (Resolution of the Ministry Council 125/24.06.2002) from the scientific field “Healthcare and Sports” – code 7, in professional direction “Public Health” – code 7.4 and in professional direction “Health Care” – code 7.5 in the academic degrees of higher education, as follows:

Bachelor’s degree in the following specialties:

  • Management of Health Care;
  • Medical Rehabilitation and      Occupational Therapy;
  • Protection      and Control of Public Health.

Master’s degree in the following specialties:

  • Management of Health Care after the acquisition Bachelor’s degree in the same specialty.
  • Management of Health Care after the acquisition Bachelor’s degree in midwifery, nursing, social pedagogics, social activities, social management and health management.

Master’s degree in Public health and health management after the acquisition of Master’s degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Economics, Law, Psychology, etc.


Foundation and development

The Faculty was founded with Ministry Council Resolution No: 114 dated 2nd June 2004. The Faculty’s body consists of 64 highly qualified lecturers with an academic rank and personnel, including 24 professors and associate professors and 40 lecturers without an academic rank. Over 1400 bachelor’s and master’s degree students have graduated in all programmes since the establishment of the Faculty.


  • General Assembly;
  • Faculty Council;
  • Dean’s office;
  • Students’ office.


There are six departments within the faculty’s structure:

  1. Public Health Sciences;
  2. Hygiene, medical ecology, occupational diseases and disaster medicine;
  3. Psychiatry and medical psychology;
  4. Infectious diseases, epidemiology, parasitology and tropical medicine;
  5. General medicine, forensic medicine and deontology
  6. Physical medicine, rehabilitation, ergotherapy and sports.

Training facilities

The classes are conducted on the premises of the faculty which disposes with 20 training halls, 10 laboratories, 4 laboratories for training and clinical practice, 2 computer halls and full access to the university computer network. For the purposes of the training in the specialty of Medical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy 6 laboratories have been equipped – 3 in Occupational Therapy, 1 in Kinesitherapy and 2 in healing massage. If it is necessary the whole auditorium base of the University can be used. For the purposes of the clinical practical training and the fulfillment of undergraduate practice the following clinical bases are used: the University Multi-specialty Hospital for Intensive Treatment “Dr. Georgi Stranski’ – Pleven, Diagnostic and Consultative Center ІІ and ІІІ children’s institutions on the territory of Pleven.